Test Report PA TL922
Written by DF1LON   

DF8QB was so kind to create a detailed test report for the TL922 PA. The report is available as PDF in german for download: TL922_DF8QB_2009-10-18.pdf. (aprox 600kb)

CT9L (M/M) wins ARRL CW 2009
Written by DF1LON   

The Madeiras station of CT9L operated by Germans DJ6QT, DK7YY, DK9VZ, DL5AXX, DL5LYM and DL8WAA was the top entrant in the DX Multioperator, Multi-Transmitter category. Their score of just over 4.9 million points was enough to set a new Africa record and to top Croatia’s 9A1A with operators 9A5W, 9A5E, 9A8W, 9A6A, 9A4WW, 9A7R, 9A9A and 9A2DQ and third place HG1S operated by HA1TJ, HA1DAC, HA1DAI and HA1DAE.

Continental records for the DX side were set in the Single Op Assisted category for Africa by D4C (YL2KL, op), Single Band 20 meters for Oceania by KH7XS (K4XS, op), Multioperator Single Transmitter for Africa by EF8M and Multioperator, Multitransmitter for Africa by CT9L.

Source: http://www.arrl.org/contests/results/2009/dxcw.pdf

ARRL CW 2009 Results: http://www.arrl.org/contests/results/prscores.html?con_id=172

CS95A on air
Written by DL5XX   

Team CT9L is preparing for CQWW-CW in Multi/Multi category this year. The team is already active as CS95A before and after the contest. During the contest we'll take of as CT9L as usual. We appreciate any call/qso!

This year the team is constituted by: DK3QZ, DL5XX, DL3QQ, DL1XW, DL3HAH, DL2OBF, DJ7IK, DJ7JC, DF1AL and PA0R.

DL5XX on air as 9G5MM
Written by DL5XX   
Update August 12th 2008

DL5XX has been in Ghana from July 11t2 until August 7th
2008 for a
service corps project. 9G5MM QSL frontside
During my free time I setup a station and activated 10 to 80m on CW. My callsign has just been issued 12 hours before my departure: 9G5MM.

QSL Policy:

if you want a direct QSL, send SASE to

DL5XX, Stefan Radtke,
Finkenweg 24,
D-53545 Linz,

All other QSLs will be send out via bureau through GlobalQSL. Printing process at GlobalQSL for all QSOs initiated September 30th 2008.
LoTW: all QSOs uploaded August 27th 2008.

Online log contains all QSOs made from 9G5MM.

Open logs now accepted by ARRL
Written by DL5XX   

Some good news from ARRL: in the ARRL Newsletter from July 25th they announced to drop rule 5 of section III of the DXCC rules. This means that open logs are are not any more subject to possible disqualification from the award program.

I think this is good news since internet logs have already become state of the art and best practice in radio sports. We will continue to provide our RRDXA online log to all members all will enhance the service in the future.

From my point of view there is just one thing to consider: if a log is opened with all QSOs details, QSL managers should stop correcting QSO data on request like "....I worked you at 09:21 on 21 CW but you got my callsign wrong..." since these kind of requests are obviously too easy with open logs. So please don't change logs unless you are 100% sure about the request. Most DXpeditions do online logs so it's easy for everybody to check whether you got in the log.

4 SQ-antennas by DF6QV
Written by DF1LON   
Nachdem bekannt wurde, dass Franz, DF6QV, die so erfolgreichen 4 SQ-Antennen von TS7N, 5A7A und VP6DX konzipiert und die Steuerung samt Phasenschiebern dafür selbst gebaut hat, wurde immer wieder der Wunsch geäußert, nähere Einzelheiten von diesen Antennen zu erfahren.
Daher hat sich Franz dankenswerterweise entschlossen, seinen Vortrag beim diesjährigen RRDXA Frühjahrstreffen über seine Erfahrungen mit dieser Antennenform allen Interessierten auf der RRDXA-Webseite zugänglich zu machen

PDF Datei in deutsch
After it became known that Franz, DF6QV, had designed the 4 SQ-antennas for TS7N, 5A7A and VP6DX and built the phasing- and control-boxes himself, a lot of hams wanted to learn more about this type of antenna that yielded such outstanding results on the low bands during these DX-peditions.
Therefore we owe Franz thanks that he has offered to publish his script about a lecture at this year's RRDXA spring meeting  on his experiences with this successful type of antenna on the RRDXA web page.

PDF file in english
WPX-CW 2008 M/M LX7I
Written by DL5XX   
A few days before the WPX-CW contest, another RRDXA team found the way to Luxembourg to run the contest at LX7I. Thanks to Philippe, a lot of pre-work was done when we arrived at his station. Although we could only set up 4 stations, we decided to go for M/M to maxmize fun as well as our club score. During the contest, we kept 3-4 stations on air most of the time. 10 Meter was the big surprise especially on saturday with nice openings within EU and a few stations from Asia. This was another nice event not only due to the contest. We made new friends with which we did not operate before. This makes contesting a unique community. LX7I Antennas
Written by DF1LON   

For the CQWW CW Contest 2007 I went to Madeira to operate from CT9L. Walter, DJ6QT, allowed me to use his station and he gave me a list of possible operators for the contest. I thought that I will be part of a team but now I was the head of the CT9L CW team 2007.

Kostenlose E-Mail Adresse call@rrdxa.eu für Mitglieder
Written by DL5XX   

[English version here] 

Liebe RRDXA-Mitglieder,

wie angekündigt ist nun unser neuer E-Mail-Service eingerichtet. Wir einen Provider gefunden, der uns eine schnelle, zuverlässige, sichere und sehr innovative Lösung bietet.   [Weitere Informationen] 

Erfahrungen mit dem neuen QSL-Service GlobalQSL
Written by DL5XX   


Nie mehr QSL-Karten oder Etiketten bedrucken - dank GlobalQSL

Aktive Contest-Teilnehmer wissen um die ‚Nebenbenwirkungen’ der vielen QSL-Anfragen, die durch tausende QSOs in einem Wettbewerb auf die Teilnehmer zukommen. Allein in den beiden CQWW-Contesten in 2007 tätigten beispielsweise die Mitglieder der Rhein Ruhr DX Association (RRDXA) über 200.000 QSOs – in nur zwei Contesten. Viele Mitglieder begeben sich dazu auf DX-peditionen oder bringen Multi-OP Stationen in die Luft. So war auch der Autor Teil eines sechsköpfigen RRDXA-Teams, welches im CW-Contest als ED8A qrv war und über 9000 QSOs tätigte. Wie in jedem Jahr musste über die QSL-Frage entschieden werden.
Statusbericht zum DL40RRDXA-Diplom (31.12.2007)
Written by DL1YFF   

Inzwischen konnte unser Diplom zum 40jährigen Bestehen der Rhein Ruhr DX Association über 150mal ausgegeben werden. Wir freuen uns, daß zahlreiche Funkamateure unser Diplom erwerben konnten. Der schnellste Diplomjäger war übrigens unser überaus fleißiger Operator DL5YM, Fred Ockert, der das Diplom Nr. 1 bekam und 60 Punkte in CW aufweisen konnte. Besonders erfreut war ich auch über unseren OM Michael, DE3MKM, der es als SWL zum Diplom Nr 2 geschafft hat. Ich will sie nicht alle aufzählen, denn eine Graphik kann deutlicher machen, wie der aktuelle Stand derer ist, welche die Diplombedingungen schon erfüllt haben und beantragen könnten (Stand 31.12.2007). Immerhin konnten schon über 150 Diplome ausgestellt werden.

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