RRDXA Log Service für CQWW Conteste (CW+SSB)
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Die Logs für die CQWW-Conteste sind per E-Mail an die CQ zu senden. Die RRDXA hat einen Log-Service für alle YLs und OMs eingerichtet, die nicht genau wissen was dabei zu beachten ist. Der Log-Service ist offen für alle OMs & YLs. Mehr Informationen zur Einsendung der Logs findet Ihr hier.

1A3A and D4C during CQWW
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Dear Contest friends,

during CQWW-SSB a group of RRDXA members is going to activate 1A3A. This new prefix will be on air for the very first time from the Sovereign Military Order of Malta. It will be the first activity during a major contest. The license has been granted as a part of a fundraising program to support the worldwide relief activities of the Order of Malta. The contest activity will help collecting funds to build a school for young girls as part of a support plan for the rebirth of South Sudan, coordinated by the Order of Malta  together with the Italian government.

Every contribution even the smallest will be greatly appreciated. Please donate on www.1a4a.org and your call sign will be printed on the special QSL card!


Another activity will be launched by our members during CQWW-CW as D4C in the M/2 category.

Watch out for this excellent team of contesters and work them on all bands.

RRDXA wins the CQWW Club Competition 2006
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Dear RRDXA Members,

with our increadible team effort, we were able to win the CQWW Club Competition in 2006. The results have just been published. Congratulations to all who participated ! Now we should be really motivated to keep the momentum and win the competition again in 2007 !


Here is the top list DX:
1. RRDXA              218.724.771
2. BCC                214.962.215
3. Araucaria CC (PY)   81.283.628
4. CC Finland          77.847.735
5. CC Ontario          69.220.610
6. Russian CC          63.523.076
7. WWYC                58.892.647

Top List USA
1. YCCC               284.525.061
2. Frankford RC       246.857.664
3. Potomac VRC        169.364.704


RRDXA Award Top List
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find out here which stations have already exceeded award scorce ...
LX0HQ 2007
Written by DF1LON   

Friedrichshafen 2007: Ein Idee wurde geboren. Wie wäre es mal wieder LX0HQ in die Luft zu bringen. Diesmal aber von zwei verschiedenen Standorten aus. So wurde ein Joint Venture zwischen BCC und RRDXA gestartet.

Jubiläums-Diplom 40 Jahre RRDXA
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Check you award score here.

Anläßlich ihres 40-jährigen Bestehens gibt die RRDXA ein Jubliäumsdiplom heraus. Jeder Funkamateur und SWL kann dieses Diplom erarbeiten und beantragen. Diplomausschreibung hier.

On the occasion of the 40th anniversary, the RRDXA has issued a special award that can be applied for by every OM/YL and SWL. Click here for the award rules.

XF4DL DXpedition to Revillagigedo 2006
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(dl1yff) XF4 is one of the most wanted entities for DXCC all over the world. RRDXA Members have been active team members in this DX-pedition. Read the article written by DL1YFF here.


(Um diesen Artikel vollständig lesen zu können sollte man eine Display-Auflösung von mind. 1200 Pixeln einstellen).

CT9L hammered out 11400 QSOs during CQWW-CW 2006
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The RRDXA team DK3QZ, DK5DQ, DL1EMH, DL1EKC, DL3HAH and DL5XX hammered out 11.400 QSOs in the M/2 category from Madeira this year. Click here to read the full story.
5A7A - Libya 2006
Written by DJ7IK   
(DJ2VO,DJ7IK) A large-scale expedition provided excitement on all bands in November 2006. Many of the deserving received the news about a special call sign from the DX-Cluster. Many frequencies were served simultaneously, offering the radio-amateurs of all continents the best possible chance to work a new country. Planned very well and executed on high level, this activity offers itself formally for the title "DX-Pedition of the Year." This article is an insight into the history of 28 radio amateurs that brought a country, situated in the north of the black continent, on the amateur radio bands for 14 days.

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