Open logs now accepted by ARRL
Written by DL5XX   

Some good news from ARRL: in the ARRL Newsletter from July 25th they announced to drop rule 5 of section III of the DXCC rules. This means that open logs are are not any more subject to possible disqualification from the award program.

I think this is good news since internet logs have already become state of the art and best practice in radio sports. We will continue to provide our RRDXA online log to all members all will enhance the service in the future.

From my point of view there is just one thing to consider: if a log is opened with all QSOs details, QSL managers should stop correcting QSO data on request like "....I worked you at 09:21 on 21 CW but you got my callsign wrong..." since these kind of requests are obviously too easy with open logs. So please don't change logs unless you are 100% sure about the request. Most DXpeditions do online logs so it's easy for everybody to check whether you got in the log.