CT9L (M/M) wins ARRL CW 2009
Written by DF1LON   

The Madeiras station of CT9L operated by Germans DJ6QT, DK7YY, DK9VZ, DL5AXX, DL5LYM and DL8WAA was the top entrant in the DX Multioperator, Multi-Transmitter category. Their score of just over 4.9 million points was enough to set a new Africa record and to top Croatia’s 9A1A with operators 9A5W, 9A5E, 9A8W, 9A6A, 9A4WW, 9A7R, 9A9A and 9A2DQ and third place HG1S operated by HA1TJ, HA1DAC, HA1DAI and HA1DAE.

Continental records for the DX side were set in the Single Op Assisted category for Africa by D4C (YL2KL, op), Single Band 20 meters for Oceania by KH7XS (K4XS, op), Multioperator Single Transmitter for Africa by EF8M and Multioperator, Multitransmitter for Africa by CT9L.

Source: http://www.arrl.org/contests/results/2009/dxcw.pdf

ARRL CW 2009 Results: http://www.arrl.org/contests/results/prscores.html?con_id=172