DL40RRDXA -QSL for Spanish Stations

AS QSL-manager for DL40RRDXA I shall not answer any more QSL requests by Spanish stations arriving via bureau. I have a serious reason for this decision. All direct requests will be answered as before.

There are about 23.800 QSO in our log, and almost 10.000 of them have been answered til now without any problems. Each bureau card means the sender is member of URE, the Spanish Amateur Radio club, and those cards are distributed by our German DARC QSL servce. So I answered the cards and sent them via our bureau. But several months later many cards returned to me with the remark NO SOCIO / NO MEMBER URE.

 So I decided not to spoil any more bureau cards just to get return cards back. The cards are payed from our members' voluntary contributions. And there not many cards left. So I am obliged to manage that all carefully. I regret the changing of the procedure for our Spanish friends.

But if you send me an e-mail with your data I will send you a card. Or send a SAE with 1 or 2 IRC.

Thank you.