RRDXA Announces the Most Active Operator Competition
Written by DL5XX   
the RRDXA is pleased to announce the yearly Most Active Operator Competition. The goals of the competition are to enhance the DX- and Contest activity of team- and individual operations and to increase the awareness of RRDXA activities within the Amateur Radio community. [German text here]

1. Valid QSOs
To enhance team operations as well as individual operations, all QSOs of individual Operators count for the yearly competition, regardless of the callsign used. Whether you use your callsign, a clubstation's callsign or being on a DXpedition, the only important thing is that you are the Operator. Also DX operations count for the competition as long as the QSOs of an individual operator are marked in the log and submitted to the database (see section 3. Log Submission). Contest QSOs as well as non-Contest QSOs are valid for competition credit.

2. Categories
The competition runs within four categories:

1. CW

2. SSB

3. RTTY/Digital Modes

4. Mixed


3. Log submission
Participants must submit their logs in ADIF format to the RRDXA Most Active Operator Log. Operators should be indicated within the ADIF records (see example below). If the operator is not indicated within the ADIF records, the operator can be entered during the upload process for the entire ADIF file (works fine for single op submissions).

Multi operator logs:
All modern contest logging programs allow changing operators during operation and export ADIF files with operator flags for each QSO. However, in case no operator is indicated in ADIF records, the ADIF file should be splitted according to the number of operators. Then, an operator can be entered in the submission form for each file. Alternatively, operator flags may be inserted with find&replace mechanism of regular text editors.

Logs can be submitted any time during the year until 15st of January of the following year on http://www.rrdxa.de/Most-Active-Operator/upload-logs.html. Currently only ADIF files are supported which can be exported by nearly all logging programs.


Example for ADIF record format with Operator entry (3 QSOs, exported by N1MM logger):

 <CALL:5>S53AU <QSO_DATE:8>20070302 <TIME_ON:6>180912 <BAND:3>40M <FREQ:7>7.00400 <CONTEST_ID:10>DXPEDITION <FREQ:7>7.00400 <MODE:2>CW <RST_RCVD:3>599 <RST_SENT:3>599 <OPERATOR:5>DL5XX <CQZ:2>15  <EOR>
 <CALL:6>UA4NFP <QSO_DATE:8>20070302 <TIME_ON:6>182600 <BAND:3>40M <FREQ:7>7.00400 <CONTEST_ID:10>DXPEDITION <FREQ:7>7.00400 <MODE:2>CW <RST_RCVD:3>599 <RST_SENT:3>599 <OPERATOR:5>DK3QZ <CQZ:2>16 <EOR>
 <CALL:5>4Z5SG <QSO_DATE:8>20070302 <TIME_ON:6>182700 <BAND:3>40M <FREQ:7>7.00400 <CONTEST_ID:10>DXPEDITION <FREQ:7>7.00400 <MODE:2>CW <RST_RCVD:3>599 <RST_SENT:3>599 <OPERATOR:5>DJ6QT <CQZ:2>20 <STX:1>3 <EOR>

4. Publication and Awards
Real time competition scores are published on www.rrdxa.eu and maybe other media. Awards will be issued for the first three places in each category.

 Have fun with he competion, vy 73 de Stefan, DL5XX