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This is the new web site of the RRDXA. We are currently working on the technical and content framework and we ask for your understanding and patience. As long as we have not reached a more complete level here, the old RRDXA web site will still be available until everything has been migrated to this site.

Our new site has been developed with a Content Management System which has some advantages:


  • Every member can become an author. That means the site lives with your input !
  • The administration of the different topic sections can be done with a Team.
  • Therefore, the site can be more interesting and actual.
  • If you create an article, you can assign an expiration date to the article so that outdated content will not appear on the site but automatically archived.
  • For each item you submit, you can configure which group can see the article: everybody, just logged in members or just administrators.
  • The CMS has rich capabilities included as well as thousands of available open source and commercial extensions.
  • The content is separated from the presentation design. Thus, an author doesn't need to care about design, this will be done by the template. (We developed a special template the the RRDXA site).


RRDXA members (or people who want to become a member) are asked to register on this site. Users who want to act as an author and submit items to this site need to contact the This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it to be flagged as an author in the account record. After this has been done, you can immediately start submitting content items (how this can be done is documented here). Now have fun when looking around.

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