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September 2012 - It was time again for CQWW in RTTY working from Santana, Madeira Island, as CR3L. So part of our team had already been there on Thursday, September 20th, namely Walter, DJ6QT, Stefan, DK1MM, and Kalle, DM3BJ. Dieter, DK4QT, Horst, DK1QH, and Hans, DL1YFF came two days later on Saturday.  The rest of the team arrived during the following week; Boris, E73Y, Mario, S57A, and on Friday noon we picked Gtz, DJ3IW from his hotel in Funchal, where he spent two weeks holiday with his XYL.


 CQWW-RTTY team 2012

(from left: Boris E73Y; Gtz DJ3IW; Horst DK1QH; Hans DL1YFF; Stefan DK1MM;

Kalle DM3BJ, Dieter DK4QT; Walter DJ6QT; Mario S56A)


To be continued.

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