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Written by DF1LON   

For the CQWW CW Contest 2007 I went to Madeira to operate from CT9L. Walter, DJ6QT, allowed me to use his station and he gave me a list of possible operators for the contest. I thought that I will be part of a team but now I was the head of the CT9L CW team 2007.

Unfortunately nearly all listed operators could not join CT9L and so I had to start to search for operators on my own. DJ2YE was the first operator who joined the team followed by DJ0IF. One month before the contest we were still only three operators. I asked Stewart GM4AFF if he would like to join us on CT9L and he said: YES. In the first week of November I got a phone call from Falk DK7YY who joined our team too.

Now the team for CT9L CQWW CW 2007 was complete:
- DF1LON, Lars + Support Unit Sabine (YL)
- DJ0IF, Adam
- DJ2YE, Diethelm
- DK7YY, Falk
- GM4AFF, Stewart


Sabine and I arrived on Madeira one week before the contest and stayed for a couple of days in Funchal, the capital of Madeira. We had a lovely hotel about 500m asl in Monte with a good view over Funchal to the south. (http://www.quintadomontemadeira.com)
Unfortunately the weather was not perfect so that our hotel was most of the time covered by clouds.
On the right hand picture you can see the Funchal coast line. The pictures has been taken in the harbour where at least one of those big cruising ships took a rest each day. Sometimes we had up to three ships at the same time so Funchal got a bit crowdy.
You can find our hotel on the left side just inside the clouds.


On thursday before the contest the rest of the CT9L team arrived on Madeira and we moved from Funchal to Santana to the CT9L contest location. The antenna were already setup by the SSB team one month ago so nearly no outside work had to be done by us. We just had to assemble the radio stations and get QRV.

Station 1:
FT990 & Acom 2000
TH5 (20m/15m/10m)
40m: 2ele
80m: vertical


DJ2YE at work

Station 2:
TS850 & Acom 1010
DJ2UT (20m/15m/10m)
80m: Dipol
160m: L-Ant


DJ0IF at work

Multi Station:
IC735 100w
GPA40 (40m-10m)

Unfortunately we had very strong winds during the whole weekend. The 40m reflector broke on Friday and we had no chance to repair it. As the SWR was still ok it did not had a big effect. On saturday evening the whole Madeira north coast had a power failure of about 20min. And finaly the rotor for the 2ele 40m / TH5 stopped working on sunday. The beam was turning in the wind and we had no chance to change the direction by ourselfs.

The running stations did a good job for the whole 48h. Only the mult station was not so effective because we just had 100w and the GPA40 (40m-10) vertical so the mults were a bit low.


CQ Worldwide DX Contest, CW

Call: CT9L
Operator(s): DF1LON, DJ0IF, DJ2YE, DK7YY, GM4AFF
Station: CT9L

Class: M/2 HP
Operating Time (hrs): 47.4

Band QSOs Zones Countries
160: 548 14 67
80: 1579 28 104
40: 2183 34 127
20: 2385 33 132
15: 2219 28 96
10: 159 11 38
Total: 9073 148 564 Total Score = 19,224,000

Club: Rhein Ruhr DX Association



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