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Written by DL5XX   
A few days before the WPX-CW contest, another RRDXA team found the way to Luxembourg to run the contest at LX7I. Thanks to Philippe, a lot of pre-work was done when we arrived at his station. Although we could only set up 4 stations, we decided to go for M/M to maxmize fun as well as our club score. During the contest, we kept 3-4 stations on air most of the time. 10 Meter was the big surprise especially on saturday with nice openings within EU and a few stations from Asia. This was another nice event not only due to the contest. We made new friends with which we did not operate before. This makes contesting a unique community. LX7I Antennas

Some details:


  • Phillipe, LX2A
  • Hannes, DJ0SP
  • Detlef, DK3QZ
  • Hein, DL2OBF
  • Kai, DL3HAH
  • Ralf. DL4YR
  • Stefan, DL5XX
LX7I Antennas

Station1 (15m and 80m):

  • IC756 Pro III + Ameritron 1200
  • 80m: 4-Suqare
  • 15: 4-El.Mono band Beam

Station2 (20m):

  • Elecraft K2 + TL922
  • 4 el Monoband Beam
  • 5 el Monoband Beam

Station3 (40m):

  • TS570D (horrible RX!) + Emtron DX-2
  • 2el Monoband Beam

Station4 (10m + 160m):

  • IC 735 + Expert 1KW (my new one :-)
  • 160m: Dipole
  • 10: 5 el. Monoband Beam

Logging Software:

  • N1MM Logger Version 7.12.25


  • More than 7000 QSOs with about 17 Million Points.
    Details here.

The equipment wen't well except the Acom2000 (20m) which went offline after one hour with error message "ARC Fault". Fortunately we had an older TL922 for spare which worked fine until the end (ok, ok, it's not coparable to a DR1A-like equipment...).

Of course we had to deal with interference between the stations but overall to an acceptable degree, esspecially we had amlost no preparation time. The station was put together on Friday, including the set up of the 5 el. Monomand Beam for 20m.

Thanks again to Phillipe, LX2A who buildt this nice station and hosted our operation.

Sure you'll hear more from LX7I during the contest period.

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